Prior Learning

Prior Learning

Thoughtplanters offers Recognition of Prior Learning to our students.
Thoughtplanters offers Recognition of Prior Learning to our students.

Do you have relevant experience and knowledge in the industry and need an easier way to get a qualification? Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) acknowledges skills you've gained through formal and informal studies and work experience. You can get either a full or vocational qualification, without going through a complete training program. Thoughtplanters provides Recognition of Prior Learning in the horticulture and arboriculture industry. 

The benefits of RPL

With RPL, you can attain an industry-recognised qualification simply from your past work experience and learning. It can be an excellent way to further your career at a fraction of the cost of a full training program. The process is faster, more efficient and more satisfying since you don't need to go through training in subjects you already know well. 

RPL offers some great advantages, such as: 

  • helping you recognise skills and knowledge you already possess, and these could be useful in other careers
  • helping to identify any gap training you might need to get a complete qualification
  • giving you a starting point for further qualifications or other career opportunities
  • improving your resume
  • possibly supporting your applications for grants or scholarships
  • recognising your learning, no matter where you acquired it or what stage of life you're in
  • growing your personal satisfaction and self-confidence

Get your Recognition of Prior Learning at Thoughtplanters 

At Thoughtplanters, we can formally recognise and register horticulture and arboriculture skills and credit your knowledge towards a vocational or full qualification. Contact us to learn more about the process or to apply for RPL.